February 13th Show : Blog Of The Nation A 4-pack of hot topics on today's TOTN: the Potomac Primary and super delegates, settling for Mr. Good-Enough, moral ethics, and Roger Clemens and steroids.
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February 13th Show

Well, the Potomac Primary has come and gone, and while I may still be grumbling about it (the ice storm here turned my hour-on-a-bad-day commute into a two and a half hour gauntlet of boredom and bad drivers, and thus disenfranchised me), two folks aren't: John McCain and Barack Obama. Political Junkie Ken Rudin joins us to break down the vote, look ahead to Texas and Ohio, and revisit the importance of super delegates in this year's race. Next, a topic that may be even more controversial than American politics: journalist Lori Gottlieb has a piece in the new Atlantic in which she advocates settling. As in, women should settle, not constantly search for Mr. Right, because what they really want and need is a stable marriage and that's the way to get it. Provocative, no?

Next, Kwame Anthony Appiah joins us to talk about "experimental philosophy," the incorporation of biology, psychiatry, and other scientific disciplines in the study of moral philosophy, or ethics. It sounds dense, but if you really think about it, it's quite appealing to think about philosophy with a foundation in empirical science. Finally, steroids on the Hill: Roger Clemens is feeling the heat after new evidence seems to invalidate his contention that he's never used 'roids or HGH. We'll have highlights and analysis from Alan Schwarz.