February 21st Show : Blog Of The Nation On today's show, identity politics, pet peeves, Army brain drain, "And the Oscar goes to...".
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February 21st Show

Here's a quick look at what's coming up on the show today:

In our first hour, we'll ask NPR's Senior Washington Editor to explain the ins and outs of today's front page story in the New York Times about Sen. John McCain, and why it's caused such a stir. Then, we will talk with Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page, author Jill Nelson, and New York Times online columnist Stanley Fish about identity politics, and whether it should play a role in how you cast your vote. In this election season, one candidate is identified as African-American; another as a woman. Does this change the way you view politics? Let us know if and how identity politics effects you in this election. Following that, "Ask Amy" Chicago Tribune syndicated columnist Amy Dickinson will talk to us about pet peeves and how we should handle them.

In 2003, eight percent of junior officers with four to nine years of experience left the army. Last year that percentage went up to thirteen. In our second hour, reporter Andrew Tilghman will talk about an article he wrote for Washington Monthly magazine that outlines what the reduction of the young 'best and brightest' could mean for the war in Iraq, and the future of the military. After that, we pull out the red carpet and talk to New York Times arts and culture reporter David Carr about the upcoming Academy Awards ceremony. "And the Oscar SHOULD go to....."