February 5th Show : Blog Of The Nation On today's show: Should you always tell the truth?, Juno screenwriter, non-traditional casting, and TV alternate endings.
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February 5th Show

There's a new game show that premiered on FOX last month called Moment of Truth, on which contestants have a chance to win half a million dollars IF they answer 21 questions truthfully. I've watched this show, and I've gotta say there were some questions that would make me walk away from a wad of money to avoid telling the truth. But the premise does beg the question, Should you ALWAYS tell the truth?

Syndicated columnist Amy Dickinson will discuss the art of telling the truth....when it's a good idea and, perhaps more importantly, when it's not. And we'll hear from a radical truth-teller who says that you must tell the truth—ALL the time!! Tell us what you think. Have you ever been in a situation where you knew the truth would hurt, but you were honest anyway? What happened? And how do you feel when the bitter truth is told to you? Be honest! Following that, we'll talk to Diablo Cody, screenwriter of the movie Juno, about her new fame and Oscar nomination for best original screenplay.

Beginning next week, Tennessee Williams's popular play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof will hit Broadway and feature an all African-American cast. Does race matter when actors are from a different ethnic background than the characters are traditionally portrayed? Guests in our second hour will talk about the trend of casting actors in non-traditional roles. Then we'll talk about the stalled television season. The writer's strike has given new meaning to the word "cliffhanger." This television season could end with our beloved television shows remaining unresolved. But what if YOU could write your own ending? We'll ask three show writers to come up with alternative endings to some of our favorite shows. And here's your chance to become a Hollywood television writer. Think you've got the perfect resolution? Call or blog us at the end of our second hour.