Bomani on Barack : Blog Of The Nation "Barack Obama is as white as he is black." - Bomani Armah

Bomani on Barack

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"Too Black." "Not Black Enough." "Black Enough." "Post-Racial." "The Black Candidate."

Sen. Barack Obama's race and "blackness" have been a part of the dialogue surrounding his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination from the outset, sometimes despite his best efforts to keep the focus on other issues. Today, we're going to approach the conversation from a different angle: Obama's "white side." Poet, satirist and educator Bomani Armah joins us in our weekly op-ed segment to discuss why it's necessary to "start pushing the idea of how white [Obama] is." The reason? It has something to do with what Armah refers to as "the 'Aw Hell No!' voting bloc." He joins us in our first hour to elaborate and field your questions. The op-ed ran in the Washington Post over the weekend, and is titled, "Okay, Barack. Now Show 'Em Your White Side." It can be found here. Read it, listen in, and tell us your opinion.