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Dungeons & Dragons creator Gary Gygax died last week. Source: Vanessa Pike-Russell hide caption

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Source: Vanessa Pike-Russell

Dungeons & Dragons has been a cultural line-in-the-sand for a long time. If you play it, you're a nerd. If you don't, you make fun of those who do.

Even if you don't actively make jokes about the gamers, you can probably nod knowingly when someone else uses D&D as a descriptor, or makes a comment about a multi-sided die. But Adam Rogers, senior editor at Wired, has a more-nuanced reaction to the game. A professed D&D gamer himself, he says that while it never helped him get girls, it did help him understand the world. Read his tribute to creator Gary Gygax, who died Tuesday here, and leave your D&D memories below.