March 6th Show : Blog Of The Nation On today's show, Covering Iraq, Stay or Go?, Michigan and Florida "re-do".
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March 6th Show

For our entire first hour today, we'll have a conversation with four reporters who have been covering the war in Iraq since it began almost five years ago. NPR senior Foreign Correspondent Anne Garrels and NPR news analyst Ted Koppel will begin the program, and later in the hour we'll be joined by John Burns of The New York Times and Hoda Abdel Hamid of Al Jazeera. They will all give their personal accounts of what they have seen and heard while reporting in Iraq, how the stories have changed over the years, and which stories they can no longer cover.

We'll take a look at the future of Iraq in our second hour. Troop levels in the region are a major political issue in this presidential election. Both Democratic hopefuls say they will withdraw US troops in Iraq, while the presumptive Republican nominee argues the United States should "stay the course" in Iraq until the job is done. So what do we do? Two military experts with different points of view discuss the risks and benefits of pulling out of Iraq... or staying. At the end of the hour, we'll talk about the buzz surrounding Michigan, Florida and a possible voter "re-do" that could tip the Democratic presidential nomination