The Wire Is Dead... Long Live The Wire. : Blog Of The Nation The Wire goes dead, finally.

The Wire Is Dead... Long Live The Wire.

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Source: Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images

SPOILER ALERT: The following post has major spoilers. Don't read if you're not caught up on The Wire.

The series finale of The Wire didn't leave us with much in the way of comfort. But, in the end, Bubbles was enough.

I love realism, and I love The Wire for its grit, for its bleakness, for its grim honesty -- but after the deaths of Stringer, Prop Joe, and Omar, and the ruin of Dukie and Randy -- my poor li'l heart wouldn't have been able to take it if there wasn't some redemption in Charm City.

To see the door open for Bubs -- now Reginald -- proved to me that there was balm in Baltimore, even if it was pure fantasy. I'm not going to lie to y'all though -- there were moments in all five seasons when I wanted to bang my fists on a table and scream at David Simon and Ed Burns (despite their dual genius) for breaking my heart -- and the hearts of the characters and the city I love.

If your passion for their creation rises to that level -- you're in luck on this sad, Wire-less day -- Simon and Burns will be here with us, at 3:00 EST, for you to commend, curse, or congratulate. Here's a little required reading for you in anticipation of the show. And if we let some spoilers fly? It's all in the game.