When Was the First Time You Became Political? : Blog Of The Nation We want to know: When did you first became politically aware, and how will that experience influence how you'll select candidates in the election?
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When Was the First Time You Became Political?

This week, Talk of the Nation embarks on a new political adventure - and we're asking you to serve as our guides. NPR recently launched a new project called Get My Vote, which invites you to share your thoughts on a simple question: What will it take for a candidate to get your vote? We've created a Web site that allows you to upload your own commentaries in the form of audio, video or text, as well as explore other people's commentaries.

We want you to participate and we plan to feature some of your commentaries on air, beginning this Thursday, March 27. Since this will be our first time doing this on air, we thought we'd frame it by asking you to tell a story of the first time you became political. What happened, and how does that experience influence your politics today?

Here's a video from host Neal Conan talking about the project and how you can join in.

You can share your story and upload your own Get My Vote commentary by clicking on the big button above. And stay tuned on March 27 - you might just hear your story on air!