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While You Were Sleeping...

A Monday morning "news" primer:

The Iraq war anniversary according to the New York Times' John F. Burns: "Five years on, it seems positively surreal."

You can blame global warming for that pricey bucket of extra-butter popcorn at the movie theater... when your car runs on corn, it means less for you.

Stop being pathetic... a 10-step guide to getting tough.

If you're not spying on your kids, why not?

Spring Break partying all about confidence for young women?: "After a week of talking to people in various states of undress and intoxication, I can tell you this much: What's happening on spring break beaches isn't just boys being boys and girls going wild. It's young people, women especially, deciding that the way to measure their readiness for the adult world is not in terms of education or emotional maturity but sexual desirability."

Digital dumpster diving... Anyone seen my Macbook Air?.

Polaroid denial: Save the instant (analog) photo.

Blackface is back in Hollywood: "Blackface fades but never goes away, the greasy rub between the fingers of racial loathing."