Who's Experienced? : Blog Of The Nation As the candidates spar over the question of experience, we ask: What is experience, and how do you measure it?
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Who's Experienced?

Much of the mudslinging between Senators Obama and Clinton comes down to one issue, and it's not the war, it's not the economy or the price of oil. Experience. Who's got it, who doesn't, what counts and what doesn't, how do you add it up, and what do you subtract? It's fuzzy math to say the least, where the variables on either side of the equation are hard to quantify. Who can really speak with authority on Clinton's experiences as first lady... besides Clinton herself? And how does experience as a community organizer relate to the job of president? There's no way to make a strict one-to-one comparison, so what matters to you? And it may sound blasphemous... but is there a situation in which the most experienced candidate -- for president, or for any job, really -- isn't the best choice?