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April 1st Show

**The following topics are not a joke. I repeat, not a joke..**

In our first hour today, we'll talk more about the flailing economy but we'll focus on the silver lining the financial markets have cast on some businesses... namely law practices, real estate agencies and pawn and consignment shops. How's business for you? As the dollar goes down, has your business surprisingly gone up? Later in the hour, we'll read from your email and blog comments, and talk to Mark Vonnegut, the son of Kurt Vonnegut, about his father's last collection of essays entitled, Armageddon in Retrospect.

For some, the incredible shrinking dollar has screwed up upcoming vacation plans. Not only are you bound to feel the pinch once you arrive in that faraway land, you'll likely suffer a big squeeze just GETTING there. Thanks to steadily rising gas prices, you'll be paying more for not only your tank, but your airfare as well. Help is on the way! Rick Seaney, one of the founders of FareCompare.com, and travel guide writer and public TV and radio host Rick Steves will give us some advice on how to get the cheapest airfare and more bang for your buck once your get to your destination. After that, we will honor April Fool's Day with Popular Mechanics writer Eric Wilhelm who will talk about the article, "Top 5 April Fools' Day Pranks You Can Build in Your Office." Wilhelm will tell us everything you want to know about conjuring up the perfect prank. Have you pulled an April Fool's joke that you are particularly proud of? How about one that you thought was absolutely brilliant... and it totally backfired?

Happy April Fool's Day. Try not to injure anyone.