April 28th Show : Blog Of The Nation On today's show, Polygamy, The Opinion Page, the food crisis, and The Zoo on the Road to Nablus.
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April 28th Show

Lynn Neary is our esteemed host today (and tomorrow as well). Here's what we're working on:

In our first hour, Howard Berkes, NPR's rural affairs correspondent, will give us an update on the young children who were recently removed from a polygamist compound in Texas. We will also hear from a spokesman for the families whose children are in state custody, an expert on Texas family law, and the president of "The Children's Shelter," a non-profit company in San Antonio that has taken-in 22 children from the compound. Following that, Les Gelb will explain whether or not we should debate with an enemy, especially if that enemy is a terrorist.

The head of the United Nations World Food Program has called the current global food crisis a "silent tsunami." It has been predicted that increases in food prices could leave more than 100 million people hungry. In our second hour, we will talk to a photographer who recently traveled to Haiti and returned with pictures of Haitians, dealing with the food shortage, and we'll speak with the director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, Jeffrey Sachs. At the end of the hour, journalist Amelia Thomas talks about the last Palestinian zoo that is located on the very edge of the West Bank. Her latest book is entitled The Zoo on the Road to Nablus.