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Jens Lekman, Troubador

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Source: obo-bobolina

OK, I admit it... I'm a Jens Lekman novice. I've heard his name (or, more accurately, pictured it in my head — do you do that too with words or names you don't know how to pronounce? I just picture the words in my head instead of saying them in my head — that way a wrong pronunciation (hopefully) doesn't make it past my lips and embarrass me unduly. Anyway, in case you're wondering, he's Swedish so the J in Jens is pronounced like the Y in yellow. So now you know!) a bazillion times, but for whatever reason I haven't tuned in. I've listened to a bit in preparation for our performance chat with him today, and after a few songs I'd put him in a family with Jonathan Richman and Kings of Convenience. Fortunately, though, I've got more for you to go on than that... Here's what others in the blogosphere are saying about his current tour...

"When he takes to the stage in Whelans, twee and grating are transformed to dry and funny as he delivers his lines with the easy and expert timing of an old comedian..."

"Part of Lekman's charm is that his sentiments all seem genuine..."

"The smiles seemed authentic and the joy, heartfelt...the performance allowed the Swede's crooning voice and wry lyrics to overwhelm the spotlight. It's a voice so sweet that you wouldn't exactly expect from a man who might favorably be described as unassuming..."