The Gods of Flight Must Be Crazy : Blog Of The Nation How do you keep the gods of aviation happy?
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The Gods of Flight Must Be Crazy

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Source: beenit

Without naming any names, we have some nervous fliers here on the TOTN staff. A certain host makes sure he goes through the same ritual every time he boards, just to keep the aviation gods happy. And it seems that he's in good company. Here's part of what Sarah Haskins wrote in the Chicago Tribune over the weekend:

Perhaps you don't know how planes work. Let me inform you.
Many years ago, humans made a mystical pact with the lofty God FAA. In this pact we agreed that no matter what FAA asked of us, we would do it, if FAA and his co-deity, the trickster DEREGULATED AIRLINE GOD, would keep us safe.

She was set off by the passenger next to her using his Blackberry in mid-flight, a big no-no according to the FAA gods.

Well, A, who am I to argue with those who would guard our fate in the sky? I am a weak human. And I am not totally sure how planes work. Seems nuts, right?

Just among the small group of us here in the office, we have all kinds of rituals that go on before take off... And so far we've all managed to land safely (fingers crossed, knock on wood, etc, etc). Any other pre-flight rituals out there? Liquid courage? Herbal remedies? Prayer? Do you think it really works?