Reliving the Recount : Blog Of The Nation We Recount the Bush-Gore endgame.

Reliving the Recount

Scenery chewing is not really a new thing for Laura Dern, but given that she nibbles it a different way each time, it's definitely worth watching. Her latest big role is as Medea, sorry, Katherine Harris, in the HBO movie Recount which premiered Sunday night. It's an insider look at the endgame of the 2000 election. Here's what's really great about the movie besides Dern -- and the amazing Tom Wilkinson -- it's so suspenseful that it's easy to forget that you already know how it ends. Still, we wondered how people who were portrayed in the movie felt about it -- so we'll be talking to the real deal today; Ben Ginsburg, National Counsel to the Bush-Cheney campaign in 2000, and Mitchell Berger, who was a Senior Adviser to the Gore-Lieberman campaign. Got a review of your own? Bring it.