Those Silly Graduates : Blog Of The Nation Graduation is an open season for larger-than-life fashion statements.
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Those Silly Graduates

Graduation season is fast upon us. The kiddies are growing up! In the final months and weeks of collegiate life, graduates have a lot on their plates. There's navigating the unsteady job market, pulling all nighters for exams and dissertations, figuring out grad school potential, and, if you're lucky, planning that graduation trip to Europe with your friends. But the single most important task in the lead up to commencement is the consideration of graduation attire. There's the standard Hawaiian leis, the creative "will work for food" slogan taped on the top of graduation caps, and, of course, that one craaazy art major who streaks across the stage in nothing but his robe and flip flops. The coolest ensemble I saw when I graduated was a guy who wore clown shoes and shaved "Cal" (go bears!) into the side of his head. If you're graduating this year, what fashion statement do you plan to make? And, if you've already graduated, what's the zaniest outfit you've seen at a graduation?