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I can remember when Star Wars: Episode II came out in theatres. I was a senior in high school at the time, and the cool thing was to camp out to get good seats for the midnight showing on opening night. The massive line of eager fans outside the theatre could've easily been mistaken for a Halloween block party. Teenage boys and grown men alike were dressed like Obi-Wan and Skywalker, and they staged full-fledged lightsaber battles. There was a grandma sporting plastic Yoda ears, and girls with Leia hair buns. My favorite, though, was this guy who had a voice modulator that made him sound like R2-D2.

This weekend, Hollywood gets a visit from its favorite archaeologist/adventurer — Indiana Jones — with Spielberg's latest installment, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. So far, it's received mixed reviews, but there's no shortage of excitement among Indy fans. I'm expecting fedora hats, bomber jackets, and, of course, the leather bullwhip. Should be a fun spectacle. So how will you celebrate Indy's return? As for myself, I'll be camping out, old school style, camera in hand, eagerly anticipating Harrison* in DLP.

* Still foxy, after all these years. How does the man do it?**
** Must be the earring.