May 20th Show : Blog Of The Nation On today's show, Government 2.0, celebrity activism, Insomnia, honorary degrees.
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May 20th Show

In our first our today, Don Tapscott, chief executive of the think-tank nGenera, will talk about the evolution of the internet, and his collaboration with government web sites to try and boost participatory democracy. At the end of our first hour, we'll talk to Oscar winner Michael Douglas. Yes, THE Michael Douglas. He's in the nation's capital to speak on behalf of an organization called Ploughshare Fund; it supports initiatives aimed at stopping the spread of nuclear proliferation. Douglas will talk about his cause, and celebrity activism.

In our second hour, Gayle Greene, the author of the book Insomniac and an insomnia sufferer herself, taks about how sleep deprivation can negatively impact all areas of a person's life. She and other insomniacs discuss the challenges lack of sleep has had on their lives on Greene's blog at At the end of that hour, we'll talk about the value of honorary degrees, relatively speaking.