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Woman Who Can't Forget

My colleague, Dalia Martinez, produced today's segment with Jill Price, the author of The Woman Who Can't Forget. And she kindly offered to blog about it.

It must be frustrating. This was my first reaction to Jill Price's story. When I pre-interviewed her for today's segment about her memoir, The Woman Who Can't Forget, she told me she was diagnosed with "an autobiographical superior memory." Throw any random day from that last 20 years, and she can detail what she wore, the weather that day, and what played on TV. Impressive? Yes. But she was quick to point out that her ability carries an emotional toll. "I live in the present and work and have friends but I also have a split screen in my head with memories flowing non-stop," she told me. Imagine, reliving everything... from the joys of a proposal to every single hurtful argument. Even when friends and family move past a death and the wounds of harsh words, her ability to "get over it" is gone. I can't imagine, I told her. But she couldn't imagine not remembering those small, everyday details.

Scientist call her condition "hyperthymestic syndrome." Over the years, she said this condition has tormented her. She's written a book because she thinks her condition can help science understand some of the mysterious workings of memory. Today, talk we talk to Price and one of the scientists that treated her.