Old? Sure. But Grand? : Blog Of The Nation Has the conservative movement come to a halt?
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Old? Sure. But Grand?

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In The New Yorker this week, George Packer marks the fall of conservatism. It is, he writes, "the movement that Goldwater began, Nixon brought into power, Ronald Reagan gave mass appeal, Newt Gingrich radicalized, Tom DeLay criminalized, and Bush allowed to break into pieces."

In the last few years, Republicans lost their majority in the Senate and the House. In the last few months, conservatives bade farewell to their patriarch, William F. Buckley. And in the last few weeks, the Grand Old Party lost an important special election in Mississippi.

What has happened? What has changed? And what is missing?

"Among Republicans, there is no energy, no fresh thinking, no ability to capture the concerns and feelings of millions of people," Packer argues.

Do you think that the conservative movement is dead? Is the Republican party in trouble? What needs to change?