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You may have noticed our regular Talk of the Nation Opinion Page segment. (We do it every Monday, and we always have more ideas then we have space on the air.) That's because opinions are like bellybuttons — as the saying goes — everybody's got one, and some hold more water then others. Today we've already booked our segment, but here are a few from around the web that I also really liked.

The wonderful Daoud Kuttab on the sixtieth anniversary of Israel, and for Palestinians, of the Nakbeh.

Joseph Epstein on honorary degrees — he thinks they're a joke — and he's got one.

Michael Long (of the NRO!) praying for Ted Kennedy.

Thomas Friedman's great piece on Obama and the Jewish vote.

Martha Nussbaum sussing out the problem with polygamy. A sample:

The history of Mormon polygamy shows us that the state and public opinion are very bad judges of what adult men and women may reasonably do. When people are insecure, they cling to the "normal" and vilify those who choose to live differently. Someday down the road, we may recognize that adults are entitled, as John Stuart Mill saw long ago, to conduct such "experiments in living" as suit their own plans and projects, as long as they inflict no harm on nonconsenting parties. The state must protect vulnerable dependents: children and the elderly. It must also protect adult men and women against fraud and force. Beyond that, it should leave the field of intimate sexual choice to a regime of private contractual arrangement. If polygamy turns out to be a bad idea, it won't survive the test of free choice over time.

And of course, my favorite columnist in is the Onion. Check out Ask The Dauphin.