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Students rally against the War in Iraq on the steps of Sproul Plaza at UC Berkeley. Ashley Grashaw/NPR hide caption

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A counter-demonstration to protest a tree sit-in. Followed by another counter-demonstration to counter the counter. Only at Berkeley.

Even though I never held the megaphone or carried the signs when I was an undergrad, I always tried to be present for the major protests on campus, if for no other reason than to snap a couple choice shots for posterity. (See above.) And although I don't exactly identify as an activist, and I've never achieved the Birkenstock/hemp/tree-hugging trifecta, I can't help but take a certain amount of pride in the historical goings-on of Sproul Plaza — whether it was Mario Savio leading the Free Speech Movement or Joan Baez crooning.

Were you ever involved in a protest on your college campus, or have you ever witnessed one? What was it about, and how was it resolved?