June 11th Show : Blog Of The Nation Political Junkie and China's earthquake -- live, from the Newseum.
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June 11th Show

We're broadcasting live from the Newseum today, and Ken Rudin is back as our own Political Junkie. This week, we'll talk about the general election, the "veep-stakes," and an a former Republican member of the House of Representatives will explain what the changing electoral map could mean for Republicans. Following that, Steve Heller, "Visuals" columnist for the New York Times Book Review, talks about the plethora of political merchandise offered by the presidential candidates and what it says about them.

Last month, Melissa Block and Robert Siegel, the hosts of All things Considered, traveled to China to prepare a week long series of of specials from the Sichuan province in China. But soon after they got there, they found themselves involved in a very different story. A devastating earthquake hit the region with a magnitude of 7.9 ( one of the highest in modern history) that killed 69,000 people and left 5 million homeless. Block, Siegel, and producer Andrea Hsu, talk about covering the tragedy in China for our full second hour today.