June 17th Show : Blog Of The Nation In today's first hour, we'll talk about recent photographs taken of the so-called "uncontacted tribes," a film that documented the first ever women's soccer match between Germany and Iran, and read from your letters. In our second hour, tell us w...
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June 17th Show

In our first hour we'll talk about the last of the so-called "uncontacted tribes" of the Americas. These are people that live in dense jungle areas and are indigenous to the regions of the Amazon along the border of Peru and Brazil. Scott Wallace, a writer for National Geographic will join us, to tell us why scientists know very little about the tribes and what recently released photographs could tell us about them.

Later in the hour, the co-director and co-producer of the documentary Football Under Cover replay the 2006 women's soccer match between Germany and Iran. It was the first time both teams met and the first match ever for the Iranian women. Then we will read from your emails and blog comments about our past shows, and give you this week's email challenge. Tell us what changes you've seen in the way people and businesses are dealing with the impossible gas price increase. Has anything surprised you? We'll read your comments in our letters segment next week.

In our second hour, we want to find out what books you are reading this summer... But we're we're saving the trashy novel list for another day. Today, we want talk about the political books that have piqued your interest. In this extensive presidential campaign season, books about politics are selling well, and fast. Do they have you hooked? Which book have you recently bought or cracked open for the second or third time? At the end of the hour, we'll talk about Tiger Woods' three-peat win at the U.S. Open over the weekend. Talk about the eye of the Tiger!!