Me Of Little Faith : Blog Of The Nation Comedian Lewis Black knows how to rant. He has tackled politics, history, and popular culture. Now: Religion.
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When comedian Lewis Black gets going, he can -- and often does -- work himself into a frenzy. His staccato speech gets louder and louder. He gestures wildly. And he punctuates almost every other word with profanity.*

Lewis Black may not have invented the rant, but he certainly has perfected it. In clubs and concert halls, and on Comedy Central, he hasn't been shy about letting us know what he thinks.

Having tackled politics, popular culture, and history, Black has turned his attention to religion. He'll join us today, for the whole second hour of our show, in front of a live audience in our performance studio, to talk about his new book, his keen comedic sense, and his new show, The Root of All Evil.

What questions do you have for him? We're especially interested in your questions about religion, faith, and spirituality.

* According to Lewis Black's publicist, when the comedian is on live radio, he never uses expletives. (Our fingers are crossed.)