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A lone stop sign in Winfield, Missouri speaks volumes. Source: Win McNamee/Getty. hide caption

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Source: Win McNamee/Getty.

The Boston Globe feature The Big Picture is amazing. I could easily waste a whole day sending links around from their site. If you haven't surfed around there yet, go do it, now. What's got my brain in a tussle, is that I'm bothered by how much news is driven by images. (I'm not just saying that because I work in radio.) Television, particularly the dreaded 24HNC (TWENTY FOUR HOUR NEWS CYCLE) depends on images, and images, in a funny way, can be more manipulative than print. But after flipping through the photos on the Big Picture, I've revised my thoughts. There are some stories that can only be told in pictures -- just look at the hands of the Iraqi woman in Sadr City, or the floodwaters in Iowa. In any case, here's a great interview with Alan Taylor, the site's curator, about how he chooses what goes up.