Pot-Luck Weddings : Blog Of The Nation Wedding wages: Have you noticed a trend toward people registering for money -- not gifts -- and paying for the event itself that way?
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If you sit within fifty feet of my desk -- or this blog -- you know that I'm planning a wedding. Hilariously, this thing is not till 2009, and yet it's sucking up energy like I'm having a kid. Amazing. It's like producing a huge radio show with a thousand etiquette land mines that periodically blow up in your face. You'd think I'd be better at both those things.

All that aside, ToTN's human-whispering behavioral guru Amy Dickinson noted something odd about weddings lately. Maybe it's a result of a less-than-rollicking economy, but she's received a lot of letters lately from -- or about -- folks who are registering for money to pay for the event itself. Sort of like buying your own fish, chicken, or steak for the reception. Have you received this kind of an invitation from anyone during this (interminable) wedding season? If so, how do you feel about it? What's the difference between registering for just plain moolah, and registering for new china?* And listen in tomorrow for Amy's no-holds-barred wedding advice.

*Side note: I am doing neither.