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Procrastinate Now. Don't Wait.

UPDATE (06/13/08):

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Source: Simon Davison

I meant to write this post yesterday, but I got a bit preoccupied uploading pictures of myself on MySpace, and chatting with my co-workers about our weekend plans. I'm writing it now because I have to book a show for Monday, so I figured what better time to put some energy into the blog?

Yesterday, our phone lines lit up with calls from listeners telling us about their best time-wasting rituals, and how dawdling affects their lives. Many callers said they felt they were at their most creative at the 11th hour. But one caller said her lollygagging had gotten so bad, she had to join an online procrastination support group. Expert Timothy Pychyl brought us up to speed on the latest in procrastination research, and gave advice on how to overcome chronic procrastination. He wrote a follow-up blog post in response to the show on his blog, "Don't Delay." We also heard from self-professed "structured procrastinator" John Perry* about why procrastination is his best friend.

Some of you may have been too busy procrastinating yesterday to call in to the show, or to comment on the blog. So now's your chance: tell us, is procrastination a positive or negative force in your life?

* Pychyl and Perry met, officially, for the first time yesterday on our show. They had previously only known each other through their writings and informal emails. We love to bring great minds together here on Talk of the Nation. For Pychyl's response to Perry's structured procrastination, see this post.

ORIGINAL POST (06/12/08):

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