An Arresting Image : Blog Of The Nation Warren Zinn took a photo of Army medic Joseph Dwyer that made him famous, but did it also contribute to his death?.
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An Arresting Image

Army medic Joseph Dwyer with wounded 4-year-old Iraqi Ali Sattar in 2003. Dwyer struggled with PTSD and later died of substance abuse. AP Photo/Warren Zinn, The Army Times Co. hide caption

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AP Photo/Warren Zinn, The Army Times Co.

Shooting a war can be brutal. Photojournalists see many of the things the soldiers see, and at the end of the day, they take their rolls of film — or, more likely, compact flash cards — and re-live everything they shot. Sometimes, a combination of skill and luck leaves the photographer with an iconic image, like the one above. And, sometimes, the story doesn't end when the photographer turns it over for publication. Warren Zinn, while working for The Army Times, took this photograph of soldier Joseph Dwyer carrying an injured Iraqi child, Ali Sattar, to get medical attention for his badly hurt leg. Zinn stayed in periodic touch with Dwyer, who struggled with PTSD. Recently, Zinn learned Dwyer overdosed and died, and it's left him with questions about how the photo that made Dwyer famous may have played a role in his emotional distress and eventual death.