Does the Otter Get the Job? : Blog Of The Nation It's a tough time to get a job, and chances are once you finally land a face-to-face with a prospective employer, you'll field an odd-ball interview question or two.
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Does the Otter Get the Job?

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Source: mikebaird

In this economy, it can be tough to get a job... And once you make it to the interview stage of the proceedings, it's not getting any easier. Lynne A. Sarikas at Northeastern University has been compiling the strange questions that come up in more and more job interviews. Sure, there are places you'd expect wacky questions like, "What animal would you say you most compare to, and why?*" But banks and biotech firms are throwing interview curve balls too, so you better be prepared. They want to catch you off-guard, see how you handle the unexpected. Have you run into one of these crazy questions lately? What was it, and how did you respond?

*While I don't know my response to this question, I might be tempted to steal my Dad's — he's long identified with sea otters, swimming on their backs and cracking open a shellfish lunch. Sounds like a great life, but I'm not sure it'd help me get a job!