In Defense of Cucumber Sandwiches... Kinda : Blog Of The Nation What's wrong with admitting cucumber sandwiches are among the elite -- when it comes to lunch?
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In Defense of Cucumber Sandwiches... Kinda

Last weekend my roommate and I planned to go to the Mount Pleasant farmers market here in Washington, buy lunch ingredients and then have a picnic in Meridian Hill Park. Unfortunately, it was almost too hot to shop out doors, never mind eat outside. So instead we resigned to have a "bourgeoisie picnic" — that is, an air-conditioned picnic — in our living room complete with cucumber sandwiches, lemonade and prosecco. Why do I bring this up? Because it has absolutely nothing to do with the topic of today's oped. Well almost nothing. Our little "bourgeoisie picnic" WAS the image that popped into my head when I began to think about elitism all of ten minutes ago, but after reading through Mark Swed's article for the LA Times, it's quite obvious that my weekend lunch was haughty at best, but really a far cry from elite.
Rather, elitism is just a way to categorize "the best" and not only has it got a bad rep, says Mark Swed, but we should use the word more... what do you think... when is categorizing "the best" helpful... and when is it not?