Pot vs. Kettle : Blog Of The Nation Unintentional Hilarity returns... Max Mosely wins his suit, and News of the World editor looks creepy about it.
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Pot vs. Kettle

Wait... so this was the guy who accused someone else of having a Nazi themed orgy? Awwwwkward. Source: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images hide caption

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Source: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Welcome to the second installment in our weekly photo series, Unintentional Hilarity! Today, peruse the photo above, and marvel at its subject. Here's the scoop. Formula One boss Max Mosley sued the British tabloid News of the World for invasion of privacy. He was accused in print of playing "sick Nazi sex games" in an orgy with several women. First of all -- really? Nazi-themed? How do you do that? Second of all, the guy in the photo is the editor of News of the World, and the picture definitely looks as if it's the pot calling the kettle Nazi. That's all I'm sayin'. Meanwhile, the kettle is pretty iffy, too -- Max Mosely is the son of a famous Hitler sympathizer and fascist (Oswald Mosely, if you must know). Anyhoo, Mosely won his suit, and can go back to regular themed orgies whenever he chooses. But watch out for that editor. He looks screwy.