What Lurks In Your Subconscious? : Blog Of The Nation Is there any prejudice hiding in the crevices of your subconscious? Now you can take a racism test to find out.
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What Lurks In Your Subconscious?

Do we secretly harbor prejudices against those different from us? Source: Brenda Anderson hide caption

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Source: Brenda Anderson

A couple of months ago, this article, by science writer Siri Carpenter, popped up on the Scientific American website. It's about the science of bigotry; how much implicit bias affects us, and how we act on it. I'm deeply interested in the weird social behaviors our brains conceal -- no matter how much training we've had to ignore them. Do some digging on the web, and you'll find any number of association tests meant to test your hidden biases. (If you want to take one, you'll find them here, and here.) It got us talking (they don't call us Talk for nothing), about how you can possibly measure the buried prejudices in your subconscious, and what it would feel like, to face an unpleasant truth about yourself. We want to ask our listeners -- was there a moment when you realized you harbored a secret dislike of another social or ethnic group? How did you feel -- and how did you change it?