You Tour the Tour : Blog Of The Nation You can tour the Tour de France online thanks to street-level views of the entire route from Google Maps.
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The zoom on my camera's pretty weak -- I was really this close to the 2007 Tour de France. Sarah Handel hide caption

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Sarah Handel

Last year I had the distinct pleasure of watching a leg of the Tour de France from the grassy hill beside the route. It was incredible -- it would have taken nothing but a lot of gall for me to reach out and touch the riders as they labored by (we were positioned on a pretty amazing incline by design -- we could watch the riders winding up the hill toward us, and they passed us at a slow enough pace that we could see every sponsor on their jerseys). No such luck for me this year, but Google Maps is doing something pretty incredible -- street level views of the entire 2008 route. They're blurring faces and license plates, but other than that, it's almost like being there. Too cool.