A NASCAR Phenom : Blog Of The Nation The Olympics and impending football season have my appetite for sports news revved up... So here's good news for NASCAR and Joey Logano.
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Gregory Shamus/Getty Images for NASCAR

With the Olympics fading in the rearview mirror and football season a few exits down the road, I'm happy to share some right-now sports news to get excited about. Joe Gibbs Racing has announced 18-year-old racing phenom Joey Logano will officially join the Gibbs team next season. And he won't be slipping into the pack unnoticed — no, he'll be driving the No. 20 Home Depot Toyota soon to be vacated by one of the biggest names in the sport, Tony Stewart, who'll be leaving Gibbs Racing to form his own team. It's clear Gibbs has high hopes for the kid — Logano will be signing a "longer than normal" cup racing contract — and Logano's willingness to strap into the #20 car indicates he's got a lot of confidence. He'll be joining one of the best teams in racing, led by Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch, and crew chief Greg "Zippy" Zipadelli, who won two championships with Stewart, will stay with the Gibbs team. I've said it before and I'll say it again — I never wanted to like NASCAR, but now that I do, I can't help but get swept up in stories like this one. So take a peek at these links, and see if you too can feel a little of the fever too.