August 18th Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, Ted Koppel explains what international relations means for the United States, and then remember the life of journalist Leroy Sievers. In our second hour, a conversation with novelist Paul Theroux and a graduate student recalls ...
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August 18th Show

It's a new week. Here's what's happening today:

We begin a series today where we will talk with Ted Koppel about events around the world, and how they affect our lives. And we start with what is going on in Pakistan, Russia and Georgia, and Iran. Koppel is the Managing Editor at Discovery and a Senior News Analyst here at NPR. Much of the news on the international front is interconnected, but it's sometimes hard to understand why, and what international relations mean for the United States. Today Koppel will be joined by former Deputy secretary of state Strobe Talbott with a look at what is going on in international news and what those developments mean for America. At the end of the hour, we remember the life of our friend and journalist Leroy Sievers. He was frequently a guest on our program to talk about his battle with cancer and the community that formed around his "My Cancer" blog. Ted Koppel will stay with us to talk about working with Sievers when Koppel was the anchor of ABC's Nightline.

Novelist Paul Theroux's journey across Europe and Asia inspired a book, The Great Railway Bazaar and American travel literature over thirty years ago. Now, his new book, Ghost Train to the Eastern Star chronicles his retraced steps to those same locales. Theroux will be our guest in the second hour. At the end of the hour, we'll touch on the Olympic lip-syncing controversy. Peking University graduate student Masha Ma will recall her experience of being rejected from a pen-pal program because she was told her image wasn't good enough to represent her school.