August 19th Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, who IS Barack Obama, and a "producer price index" explainer. In our second hour, the American Psychological Association debate over a resolution that will restrict the participation of psychologists in interrogations, Johnson ...
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August 19th Show

In our first hour today, we'll talk about Barack Obama, but we're saving the usual political rhetoric for another day. Today we want to know: Who IS Barack Obama? We'll hear stories about Obama from different stages in his life with one of Obama's Harvard Law School classmates and an Illinois State senator who worked with Obama in the state legislature. What questions do you have about Obama... not about his politics, but about his personality and his character? (We will air a similar show on John McCain in our first hour this Thursday.) Then, our resident econonaut Adam Davidson will explain the term "producer price index" and what the latest economic numbers mean to you.

Over the weekend, about one hundred anti-torture activists staged a rally outside the annual American Psychological Association convention in Boston. Inside the convention hall, APA members debated a resolution that will restrict the participation of psychologists in interrogations at Guantanamo Bay. Should the APA pass a resolution on restricting the role of psychologists in interrogations? In our second hour, we'll hear from two psychologists on opposite sides of the issue. Following that, we'll talk about WASP culture and their search for identity with Jaime Johnson, one of the heirs of the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical fortune and director of the 2003 HBO documentary, "Born Rich." Johnson blogs about the blessing and burden of being WASPy on At the end of the hour, we'll read your comments about off-shore drilling, the controversy surrounding the reporting of John Edwards' affair, and your picks for favorite nuke flicks.