August 21st Show : Blog Of The Nation Ok people, here's today's show: the life of Sen. John McCain, femmes fatales on the TOTN Summer Movie Series, how cost factors in to choosing a college, and waiting on a text message from Sen. Barack Obama.
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August 21st Show

As my boss Carline Watson would say, "Ok people," here's what we have on the show for you today. In the first hour, part two in our "Who Is..." series. Sen. John McCain's getting the treatment today, and we have a lineup of guests who'll reveal a bit more about the senator as a person, as opposed to a politician. It's about his personality, his character, and his beliefs, not his policies. We'll follow that conversation with your nominations for favorite femmes fatales with film guru Murray Horwitz, the third installment of our summer movie series.

In our second hour, the role of money in choosing a college. A new Sallie Mae and Gallup study shows that families frequently don't factor in the cost of a college when making a selection, and don't often consider how the degree sought will help pay off the debt post-graduation. How did you make the decision about where to attend, and did you factor in cost? Parents, how big of a factor is it in selecting a school with your child? Finally, around here we're all "Waiting on Barack...." Waiting, that is, on the text message he'll be sending to anyone who registered with his website, announcing his selection of a running mate. Producer Dalia Martinez quipped, "It's like waiting for a baby to be born," and new dad Scott Cameron concurred. Are you, too, waiting on a text from Sen. Barack Obama?