August 27th Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, the Politcal Junkie and "This American Moment" with author and Vanity Fair editor Christopher Hitchens. In our second hour, we'll talk with four women about what Senator Hillary Clinton's candidacy means for women's rights and ...
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August 27th Show

We're live in the Newseum and it's DNC, DNC DNC. Did I mention DNC? Okay, Ken Rudin will talk about more than just the Democratic convention, but Denver will be our main focus in this week's Political Junkie. At the end of the hour, we'll continue our "This American Moment" series. Author and Vanity Fair contributing editor Christopher Hitchens talks about what this presidential campaign means for him.

For our full second hour we will speak with four women about what Senator Hillary Clinton's run for president means for women's rights and feminism. We'll be joined by News and Notes host Farai Chideya, who is at the Democratic convention, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author Suan Faludi, comedienne Lizz Winstead, and author and co-founder of Third Wave Foundation Amy Richards.