August 4th Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, the political future of Iraq, and a look at gender testing at the Olympic games in Beijing. In our second hour, the true definition of "charisma". Can it be taught? And a photo-journalist talks about why he was disembedded fro...
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Michael Gordon, the chief military correspondent for The New York Times, has spent half of the past year reporting from Iraq. In his latest article, Gordon says that "the tug of war among the religious parties and the Shiite tribes has emerged as one of the most-significant but also least-understood aspects of Iraq's political scene." You can read his article entitled, "The Last Battle: The Fight Among Iraq's Shiites," in this week's New York Times Magazine. In our first hour, Gordon will talk about Iraq's political future and Shiite power sharing in the region. Then on our opinion page, Jennifer Finney Boylan discuss gender testing going on at Beijing's Olympic games.

Charisma. Either you have IT, or you don't. We've all met someone who seemed to have that certain... something... that lights up a room and leaves a lasting impression. Were they born with it? Perhaps, but on second thought, maybe practice makes perfect. In our second hour, two people will explain the definition of "charisma", and whether or not personal magnetism can actually be taught. Tell us about that charismatic person in your life. And if YOU'VE ever been described "larger than life," does it come naturally, or are you working hard at it? At the end of the hour, we'll talk with free-lance photo-journalist Zoriah Miller who was dis-embedded from his Marine unit after posting pictures of scattered victims of a bomb blast in Anbar province.