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TOTN Takes The Twitterverse

We here at TOTN have taken a bold leap into an unknown universe: Twitter. If you don't know what it is, it's kind of a micro-blogging tool, kind of a conversation facilitator, and a perfect technology for you to fill us in on the talk of your nation. Basically, we update it with questions we hope you will answer and news we think you'll find interesting -- what's coming up on the show, the question we're asking of listeners for a particular segment, what guest you'd recommend on a specific topic. If you subscribe to our feed, you'll get our "tweets" on your Twitter page, or even on your cell phone, if you're so inclined. And then you can tweet back to us with your insights and answers. We've already begun reading Twitter-submitted responses on air, and will continue to do so. Our sadly demised sister show, the Bryant Park Project, really managed to use Twitter to converse with their audience, and we aspire to the standard they set. In addition to that, since the great stuff you've been writing already isn't readily viewable anywhere on, I'll be doing a weekly wrap of the great tweets that didn't make it to air. So, if you're on Twitter already, subscribe to us @totn. And if you're interested in joining the Twitter party, go here to give it a whirl.