BOTN Commenters, Get Plucked! : Blog Of The Nation Say goodbye to comment frustration, and hello, to comment conversation! NPR social media is here.
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BOTN Commenters, Get Plucked!

Okay, so remember all those times that you left a comment on our blog, and then became instantly sore about the length of time it took for said comment to be posted? We totally heard your pleas -- and now, thanks to the magic of new commenting software -- you will no longer be instantly inflamed, you will be instantly posted. What new internet enchantment has taken hold of, you might ask? It's Pluck -- and it's filled with delicious new features that will enable y'all to know each other better (within reason -- nobody wants to know your social security number).

You will notice at the top of THIS VERY PAGE a tempting little button marked Login. Go to it BOTN'ers, and get thee a profile -- a special NPR profile that can include as much or as little about yourself as you like. You must have a profile to comment on the site -- but once you have one, it's a key that can unlock your opinion all over NPR. You can comment on blogs and stories now, you can recommend stuff you like, and best of all, if you have something super clever to say that other NPRophiles appreciate, you can recommend it as a featured comment, and others can recommend you as well. Who knows, your comment might even be featured on the home page. And let's say you want to know a little more about your favorite NPR personalities -- go ahead and friend them -- you can see what stories they've done recently, and whether or not they're fans of Mad Men or Buffy, too!

But, with great power -- yes, that's right -- y'all have to take some responsibility here. Keep it civil, keep it smart, keep it going. If someone is being abusive or creepy -- it's up to you guys to report it. This is a self-moderated community; so let's keep it provocative, but not painful, okay? (If you need a primer about what we consider civil, here's a refresher.)

I bet you have questions! Cool. We've got answers. Our fearless online leader Dick Meyer has posted a far more eloquent explainer on all these changes, and you can also go right ahead to the NPR community explainers.

Best part? Coming soon -- the Blog of the Nation is going to become enlarged with delicious extra content. We think you'll like it. And people, please, please, please let us know what you'd dearly like to see on the BOTN. We want you to love it -- and most of all, we want you to be a part of it. So go forth and register! And stay tuned for even more BOTN changes...