Carter On Carter : Blog Of The Nation Eight-year-old Carter Makice and his brother, Archie, have some questions for former president Jimmy Carter and "This American Moment."
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So, as you may have noticed, TOTN's on Twitter now, and we're slowly winding up our presence there. We aren't totally fluid with it yet -- we forget to post in the heat of the booking battle, for example, and haven't totally incorporated it into our daily communications -- but we're getting there, and we're already getting some really cool stuff from the Twitterverse. Example A -- and I'm not sure this can ever be topped -- came during our "This American Moment" segment with Jimmy Carter two weeks ago.* I sent a simple Twitter to our followers, something like "Got a question for Jimmy Carter about 'This American Moment'? Send it now!" We got a few interesting questions, and something I never could have anticipated. Turns out one of our followers, Kevin Makice, has a son named Carter. According to Kevin, "Carter was named for Jimmy Carter back in 2000, and we've frequently had talks about our favorite President and the life he's led after office." He saw our tweet, and forwarded it to his wife, Amy, to find out what little Carter would ask the former President if he could. Excerpted below, Carter and his brother Archie take a break from playing in the backyard to pose the big questions...

Carter: What is the favorite pet he ever had?

Archie: Does he have a question for me?

Carter: Does he play Packrat?

Archie: Has he ever met George Washington?

Carter: Is he excited about Spore?

Archie: Does he even play Spore?

You can read their full line of questioning here... Thanks, Makice family!

* Darn convention mania -- I really wanted to get to this sooner! Sorry, Carters.