In Boston, Quarterback Kneeded : Blog Of The Nation Tom Brady is out for the season. Bostonians weep.
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In Boston, Quarterback Kneeded

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My colleague Susan Lund, on vacation in Massachusetts, sent us an email this morning:

"Tom Brady out for season," she wrote. "Is most definitely the Talk of Boston, if not the nation."

Four-fifths of The Boston Globe's front page is devoted to the Patriots quarterback. "DOWN AND OUT" is the headline. "Patriots fans glum as star Brady is lost for the season." There are, by my count, six stories about his knee injury in the edition: "Minimal stressing of knee may mean faster recovery," "Patriots vow to move on from QB's surgery," "In realm of fantasy football, losing Brady hits hard," to name a few.

In his column for The Globe today (byline: Foxborough), Dan Shaughnessy welcomes his readers to "Day 2 of Life Without Tom."

It's not a wonderful life. Food doesn't taste good. Sleep doesn't come easily, and the air is polluted. New England sports fans are lost boys and lost girls. They have lost their leaders and their mojo. They have lost their way.

Susan will keep us posted on the atmosphere in Boston, no doubt. But help her out, will you? If you're a Patriots fan, how are you faring? Will the season go on? Have you kept your resolve?