Piper Palin: Future Stylist : Blog Of The Nation Sarah Palin spoke last night, and Piper Palin groomed her baby brother... did either win you over?
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Piper Palin: Future Stylist

Last night, Governor Sarah Palin spoke at the Republican National Convention. The reviews are mixed:

A. She worked the words effectively, and with charisma.
B. She connected with her audience, and brought the red meat.
C. She said little of substance, and almost sounded petty.
D. She sounded unpackaged, but failed to convince me of her qualifications.
E. Her youngest daughter, Piper, is adorable, and has the makings of a future hair stylist.
F. A & B
G. A & C
H. (yes, H) None of the above.

If you answered "E," look on.

That was 6-year-old Piper Palin grooming her brother Trig's hair. Gotta keep up appearances, right?

How did you receive Sarah Palin's big speech last night? Did she do what she needed to do, and did she say what you needed to hear?