September 17th Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, NPR's Ken Rudin talks about the week in politics, a Democratic pollster and a Republican strategist examine what the presidential candidates need to do to win this election, and L.A. Times columnist Meghan Daum describes the di...
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September 17th Show

We're at the Newseum today, with our Political Junkie Ken Rudin. In our first hour, we'll talk about the presidential candidates' reactions to economic news from Wall Street and the scandal surrounding Congressman Charles Rangel, the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. And we'll examine new political ads, and the candidates' fundraising numbers. We'll also talk to a Democratic pollster and a Republican strategist about what tactics the candidates need to use to win this election. And if you've dreaming about the electoral map at night and hitting the 'refresh' button on random political websites by day, you could be suffering from campaign fatigue. But when does it become an obsession? At the end of the first hour, Meghan Daum of The Los Angeles Times will offer a 12-step program to help you through what may be a growing addiction to politics.

Journalist and author Bob Woodward will be our guest for the entire second hour. He has just released a book entitled The War Within: A Secret White House History that takes an inside look at the Bush administration's military and political strategy for the war in Iraq and the decisions that were made during the war.