September 30th Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, bailout failure and free-market economics, gas shortages in southeastern United States, and your letters. In our second hour, "In the Family" filmmaker Joanna Rudnick documents the difficulties with living with the breast and o...
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September 30th Show

You've probably heard by now that the $700 billion bailout bill was rejected in the House yesterday. While politicians blame each other over the failure of the bailout, some are saying if the bill had passed, it would have signaled the end of the "free market" structure in the United States. In our first hour, we'll talk with an economist, a supporter of free markets and a critic about what the bailout failure could mean for government regulation and free market economics. Then, we'll talk about the hurricane-induced gasoline shortage that has affected the southeastern region of the United States. And we'll read some of your comments on our past show topics.

When filmmaker Joanna Rudnick tested positive for the breast cancer gene, she faced an excruciating decision: either remove her breasts and ovaries, ending the chance of her ever becoming pregnant, or risk developing cancer. Rudnick documents her deeply emotional journey through treatments and life-and-death decision-making in her new film In The Family. In our second hour, Rudnick will join us, along with a doctor who will explain the mutations of the BRCA (breast cancer) gene. Following that, we'll go back inside the political sphere with author and blogger Bill Bishop. He will explain why, when it comes to politics, voters only hear what they want to hear, and seem to ignore the rest.