September 4th Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, How close are we to capturing Osama Bin Laden? And John Fund of the Wall Street Journal talks about what this moment in American history means for him. In our second hour, an author talks about his book "Scattershot" and livin...
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September 4th Show

In our first hour, we will ask the question: Are we any closer to finding Osama bin Laden? We've asked Ahmed Rashid, a Pakistani author and journalist, and Peter Bergen, a journalist who has written extensively on Al-Qaida and Osama Bin Laden, about whether or not capturing Osama bin Laden is still a priority in U.S. foreign policy. Then, in our seventh installment of our "This American Moment" series, we'll go to the Republican National Convention and speak with John Fund of the Wall Street Journal about what this moment in American politics means to him.

In his new memoir, author David Lovelace talks candidly about seeing the effects bipolar disorder had on his family, and then learning to live with it himself. Lovelace will describe his journey and talk about his book entitled Scattershot: A Memoir of My Bipolar Family. We'll also speak with author Terri Cheney about her book Manic that describes how she has coped with bipolar disorder. Then at the end of the second hour, we want you to be our guest. Tonight is the final night of the Republican National convention and the big night for Republican presidential nominee John McCain. What are you hoping to hear tonight? Call us, or send in your email and blog comments. What will you be listening for in McCain's speech?