What Do You Want From McCain? : Blog Of The Nation John McCain takes the stage at the RNC tonight: What do you hope to hear from the Republican nominee for president?
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What Do You Want From McCain?

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Source: Eric Thayer/Getty Images

The RNC wraps up tonight with a speech from the Republican nominee, Sen. John McCain. As a way of previewing the speech, we want to know what you're looking to hear from McCain. Do you want to hear him elaborate on his economic plan? Do you want him to attack Obama? Do you want him to explain his Palin pick? When we ask a question like "What do you want to hear from John McCain tonight," we often get a lot of shoot-from-the-hip, reactionary responses like "So-and-so's a liar, doesn't matter what he/she says, it's all lies," or "I hope he/she says everyone should vote for Obama." Well, OK. It's cool if that's how you really feel, but isn't there something deeper? If there's any way, I hope you can push yourself beyond a quick quip like that, and really think: Maybe you're a dyed-in-the-wool liberal on social issues, but you prefer less governmental involvement in daily life. So, maybe, you'd like to hear him speak to you on that topic. I'm not asking for what would make you change your vote, but rather, what would really catch your ear and make you think.