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Midweek Stream Of Consciousness

Took the GRE yesterday. Scored 40 points higher on the math portion than the verbal, which was a surprise considering I guessed on most of the word problems. Those red/green/blue marble ones are the bane of my existence. Bane! I was excited, though, to see "perspicacious" in one of the analogies. Ironically, by that time, my head was so fuzzy from staring at the computer screen for four hours straight that I sadly lacked "keenness of mental perception and understanding; discernment."

In other news, I've decided to be Juno for Halloween. I thought she would be overdone, but thanks to the advent of Palin, I no longer think our favorite pregnant teen will be the cliche of the evening. I have all the essentials in place: Hamburger phone, check. Sunny D, check. Acerbic, precocious one-liners, check. Now how to go about procuring that bump...